A collaborative community project

What is horriblecoders?

Horriblecoders was a learning project. It has members that will work on projects that they are interested in. These projects are not meant to be used by many people, but some projects are anyway. Over the years projects have slowed down and interest has decreased. Despite that I will do my best to keep projects online that people are interested in. I want this project to grow but it is dwindling. We started out as a minecraft server, grew into web design and art, decided to host some open source projects, fought against the FCC, and supported vertcoin's electrum users. I have given tech support over emails, and always did my best to respond and help in any way I could. I wanted to create a movement, and I wanted to learn from this project. You can view the current list of team members here.


This section used to have a few things. We aren't doing much these days.


Feel free to contact me if you want to say hello!